Weather Policy
YMCA youth programs will be cancelled only when the Blair Community School district cancels school. Morning fitness class will also be cancelled if school is cancelled. You may also call the Welcome Center for more information.

Lightening Policy

When lightening is spotted, the entire pool area will be cleared for at least 30 minutes. The pool will only reopen after a full 30 minutes of no lightening. This rule is based on American Red Cross national safety standards.

Behavior Policy

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited on all YMCA property. Foul language or disruptive behavior is not permitted at the YMCA. The YMCA has the right to refuse service.

Age Requirements
Children under the age of 8 must either be in the nursery, accompanied by an adult that is 15 or older, or in a supervised program while at the YMCA.

No child age 6 or older is allowed in YMCA locker rooms of the opposite sex even if accompanied by a parent.

YMCA members must be 14 years old to utilize any of the fitness areas, and 19 years old to utilize the sauna and/or hot tub. Individuals under the age of 14 must also complete a fitness orientation before using the fitness equipment.

Non-members under the age of 19 are not allowed to use the fitness areas, sauna, and/or hot tub.

Outstanding Balances
Any person with an outstanding balance at the YMCA is not allowed to participate in any YMCA program until the balance is paid. A $15 fee will be assessed for checks and drafts returned for non sufficient funds. Balances may be turned over to collections.

Dress Code
Participants must wear shirts and shoes at all times while using the facility. Clean, non-marking athletic shoes are also required.

Skateboard Policy
Due to liability, skateboarding is not allowed on YMCA property.

Viewing Policy
Non-members are welcome to observe most organized programs at the YMCA for no fee. However, observers must be members or pay a day fee to observe activities designed for members only.

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available for programs and memberships to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience YMCA services, regardless of ability to pay. Contact the Welcome Center for more detailed information.